A COUNCILLOR claims pavements have been reinstated in a 'shoddy' way after fibre optic cables were laid in parts of York - and he is determined his own ward will not suffer the same fate.

Virgin Media is involved in a £3 billion national programme called Project Lightning which aims to reach 17 million homes and business across the UK and offer speeds of up to 200Mbps to consumers and 300Mbps for businesses by 2019.

But Osbaldwick and Derwent councillor Mark Warters claims there has been poor reinstatement in parts of York and says he is worried about the impact on pavements and verges in his own ward.

He said: "Having seen the disruptive and shoddy way these works have been carried out in the rest of York, I will not let that situation arise in this ward unchallenged.

"Given that Osbaldwick is currently covered in daffodils, most of which I planted with the local scouts over the years, as well as many other parts of the ward, I most certainly want to know which areas of verge are to be destroyed and what reinstatement/compensation plans are in place for local communities."

He also questioned the need for the project, saying he thought BT had already installed super fast broadband in many areas. "Assuming this is a competing system, what then is to stop 'XYZ super, super fast broadband' coming along and digging up the streets in a few years time for yet another competing system?" he asked.

"The whole issue seems to be getting out of control with utility companies.

"I can well remember the disruption caused across the city in the 1990s when the cable tv systems were installed, which very few people needed due to Sky TV."

A Virgin Media spokesman said representatives had been in contact with councillors and residents in the area to answer questions and provide guidance in relation to the work.

“Virgin Media is committed to ensuring that there is minimal disruption to residents in Osbaldwick as work is carried out to bring better broadband connectivity to the area," he said.

"We’re always very happy to discuss any concerns with individual councillors and residents, with local meetings already taking place, and we now look forward to continuing our positive discussions with members of City of York Council to bring an ultrafast broadband boost to the city.”