THE ARMIES of ancient Rome are marching on York again this summer as part of a new festival.

The Eboracum Roman Festival will be based in the Museum Gardens where there will be fighting displays and children’s army drills from members of six Roman Legions, a Roman camp showing domestic Roman life and stalls selling themed goods.

More than 50 of the Romans will march through the streets of York on the Saturday and Sunday morning after the festival begins on Wednesday, June 1.

A series of guided walks and talks by leading experts will take place at various venues around the city, including leading Egyptologist Jo Fletcher on discovering Ancient Egypt in Roman Yorkshire.

Bestselling children’s author Caroline Lawrence will be there and AOC Archaeology will show how the latest technology can uncover secrets of the past.

Graham Harris, who runs the Roman Bath Museum, said: "There would certainly be no York as we know it today without the influence of the Romans. "It was an important Roman garrison, and became a major civilian settlement during the Roman occupation, which lasted almost 350 years."

The camp at the York Museum Gardens, which will be home to soldiers from Six Legions, will run on the Saturday and Sunday, as well as more talks and activities.

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