A RISE in the number of parking complaints across the country has resulted in police issuing some clear advice.

West Mercia Police's safer neighbourhood teams have issued guidance that applies across the rest of the country as well.

A spokesman said: "We are now in an era where homes have more than one car.

"This can become a problem in areas which simply did not account for this.

"Can we please remind people that parking on a drop kerb in front of someone’s drive way is an offence and your vehicle may be removed using police powers?

"Also a reminder that should you live on a street where there is limited parking, it is not ‘your right’ to park in front of your house if there is no designated parking spaces.

"Any member of the public may park in any street, providing they comply with other parking restrictions/ regulations and do not cause obstructions."

Things to be aware of while parking include making sure you are not on yellow lines or zig-zags at crossings, if parked slightly on the pavement, you are allowing a wheelchair to get past safely, you are not blocking someone's driveway or access.

"If these simple steps are followed this should reduce the amount of complaints we receive." Parking around schools can also cause problems.  Advice on the issue includes reminding parents not to stop on yellow zig-zags outside the school gates. 

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