YORK residents are being asked to support a scheme that distributes free fruit across the city.

Edible York wants to greatly increase the amount of fruit it gives out via its Abundance scheme, so has set up a crowdfunding project with Spacehive.

Abundance sees volunteers collect plums, cherries, apples, pears and other in-season fruits to re-distribute them to community cafes, food banks, children’s centres and individuals.

Edible York's Vikki Pendry said: "Giving people free food always puts a smile on their faces - both giver and receiver.

"When this is within the context of the need for more and more families to improve their diets as well as save some money, we are proud to make a positive contribution in this way."

Denise Craghill, Green Party councillor for York's Guildhall Ward, is backing the scheme and recently handed out cooking apples to residents in Navigation Road.

She told passers-by about the Spacehive project, which is raising money for a storage container for picking equipment as well as the fruit collections.

Cllr Craghill said: "This is a great opportunity for people in York to help to increase the number of volunteers who can go out and collect fruit that would otherwise go to waste.

"The Abundance target of £4,817 can be reached if lots of people pledge a small amount."

Edible York chairman Bill Eve said: "I hope our Abundance project will be supported by the people of York.

"We want to triple or even quadruple the number of Abundance teams that can go out in response to the large number of people who offer trees in their own garden, or who report a street tree that is laden with ripe fruit, as an opportunity to share abundant fruit in our city.

"If we meet our fundraising target then people’s pledges will be activated and we’ll be able to buy a container and extra equipment that will make such a difference to how much delicious, abundant fruit we can pick and distribute across York.

"Let’s make it happen."

You can pledge your support by visiting www.spacehive.com/edible-york