TWO people escaped injury after their light aircraft crashed in North Yorkshire.

The Cherokee Piper four seater aeroplane crashed into hedges at the end of the runway at Breighton Airfield, near Selby.

A man and a woman were inside the plane, which ended up in the hedges and roadway that runs past the airfield, after the aircraft apparently overshot the runway.

York Press:

Both were uninjured in the accident, but the crash caused serious damage to the aircraft, with one of the wings becoming completely detached, the forward landing gear buckling, the propeller becoming bent and serious damage to the body of the plane.

Photographer Sean Stewart, who took these pictures, said it was "miraculous" the couple escaped uninjured.

Emergency services were called to the scene, but nobody required medical or hospital treatment. The accident happened just after 2.30pm on Friday.

York Press:

The aircraft was recovered from the hedgerow with help from the staff at the airfield within about half an hour of the crash. It was later left in a safe area of the airfield for further investigation.

York Press:

The plane hit a hedgerow after crash-landing

A similar incident, in which a two seater aircraft flown by an experienced pilot crashed into a hedge at the airfield as it was coming into land, happened in 2000, despite good weather conditions and visibility.