PUPILS at a York school have been learning the ancient - and noisy - art of Japanese Taiko drumming.

The 15-strong group gave thunderous performances at Poppleton Ousebank Primary School’s annual arts festival.

Teacher Jared Hardwick said that Taiko drumming, which dated back to the sixth century in Japan, wasn’t just about pounding out a beat, but 'about the whole performance,' adding: "There are lots of theatrical moves that make it almost dancelike. The children have picked it up really well. It teaches them to work as a team, but it also allows them to be loud and boisterous."

Nine-year-old Taiko player Summer Chappell said: “ It’s really good fun and sometimes the echoes make it so loud it’s deafening. I like that. It’s good exercise too. We’re all really sweaty after a performance as it is such hard work.”

The festival is an annual celebration of the school’s creative talents, with every pupil involved in a performance of some kind, from singing or acting to playing an instrument.