A NORTH Yorkshire man is selling his own recycling bin on eBay after council bosses asked him to pay extra for the collection of garden waste.

Ian Dowson, 50, bought the bin from Scarborough Borough Council three years ago for a one-off payment of £20 - but now the local authority are charging residents an annual payment of £38 for them to provide the same service.

Oil worker Ian said he wants to sell his large plastic wheelie bin online so he can get his money back.

He's advertising it as "Genuine Scarborough Borough Council Brown Bin 240 litre" with mileage "less than one mile from new" and tyres in "excellent condition".

He adds: "Please look out for future listings as I have a "green bin" and "blue bin". The brown bin is just the start..."

Ian, of Scarborough, said: "It is just ridiculous - what are we actually paying our council tax for?

"I looked on the site earlier - and I had seven watchers on it - which is decent."

The listing on eBay includes a full-length picture of the bin, with close-up shots of the wheels and inside.

The description reads: "Genuine Scarborough Borough Council Brown Bin 240 litre.

"I bought this approximately 3 years ago under the impression that if I bought the bin the local council would empty it on a two weekly basis, which they did until now (that's what I thought I paid my local council tax for).

"The council are now introducing as from the 1st of March a fee for this service which is £38 for the year. If you already have a brown bin you get a £20 reduction on the first year, then it will increase to £38 for the following year (As you are fully aware this could change due to council increases on a yearly basis).

"The bin is a sort of black/grey colour, I drive a Grey Toyota Rav 4 and its just about the same colour, so I will say its Toyota grey.

"The bin has had one owner from new and is only approximately 3 years old.

"It has done less than one mile from new, it has only travelled approximately 18 meters every two weeks up and down the drive.

"Tyres are in excellent condition, plenty of life still in them... Lastly in the council leaflet it says 'What happens to my brown bin if I choose not to subscribe to the scheme? You still own the brown bin so you can use it for any purpose'.

"So you could use it for the following: garden ornament (so people think you have loads of money to get your bin emptied), infinity pool, hiding place for hide and seek, sledge, ice cooler for beers, laundry bin, the list is endless just use your imagination."

Ian's eBay sale ends on Saturday. As of today it has had no bids.

Scarborough Borough Council have been contacted for comment.