Refuse collectors Paul Raftree and John Mackay have been praised for rescuing a grandmother from her flood hit home as the water rose rapidly around her.

Margaret Wilson, 93, from Fordlands Crescent, in Fulford, was carried out and taken to dry land on Monday in the cab of a bin lorry.

Sammy Lambert, 29, is married to Mrs Wilson's grandson and took her to a relative's home in Haxby when she was clear from danger.

She said: "We hadn't been able to get hold of her on Monday so we were quite concerned but when I spoke to the rescuers they said everyone had got out.

"They were absolutely amazing and lifted her into the cab. They were brilliant.

"She was protesting because she wanted to walk but the water was up to her knees.

"She has been through the war and didn't think there was much of a problem until she got out of the house and saw how much water there was.

"I want to stress how good a job the council guys did because my 4X4 wasn't able to get through the water."

Mrs Wilson is now recovering at her daughter's home in Haxby but is still waiting for the water to recede before she can return home.

"We were all worried about her but I couldn't get to her house by myself," added Ms Lambert.

"These guys deserve the recognition and we are so grateful."