TWO music businesses affected by the flooding have told their stories as the clean-up from the flooding continues.

Lynne O'Dea and her husband Phil own MOR Music, just off Fossgate, and said they have seen thousands of pounds' worth of guitars, drums, and other equipment and instruments ruined by the flooding.

They have been instructed by their insurance company to leave the items in place until the damage can be assessed next week, but have also seen their soon-to-open rehearsal rooms ruined by the flooding, along with private tuition rooms, an office and a workshop.

She said: "We're still waiting to see if we can sell things that were above the water level, as there are thousands of pounds' worth of guitars there. Luckily, it's not previous family photos or anything we're not a family out of a home by floods, but it's a bit of a nightmare.

"It's devastating, but there are people worse of than us. We have to think they are just guitars we can replace them and can get up and running as soon as possible. We're tough cookies. We have had a lot of support and a even lovely letter from Australia, which has been fantastic."

Sam Holdstock set up Melrose Yard Studios in Walmgate seven years ago, and estimated he had lost equipment and flooring worth £20,000, but his insurance company had told him he would not be eligible for reimbursement due to a clause in his policy.

He said: "We've lost guitar amps, drum kits and the rebuilding is the biggest loss because the soundproof construction is very costly.

"I became a dad eight weeks ago and I've a young family to support and we work really hard. I only get two or three weeks off a year and this was part of that break, it's just devastating to be away from my family at this point. The amount of support we've had has been incredible though."

After hearing about Sam's situation, his sister-in-law Fiona Hinchey set up a crowdfunding page to help get the studio back up and running.

The fund has already raised more than £2,000, and Sam said he was amazed at the generosity of the public, and those who have helped him clear two skips full of damaged items and tear up the wooden floors of the soundproofed studios in the last three days.

If you want to donate to Melrose Yard Studios, go to