ISN’T it about time City of York Council started to refuse planning permission to anyone wanting to convert a city centre property into an eating or drinking establishment?

York has an over-abundance of takeaways, cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants already, with the former Army & Navy store in Fossgate and the old White Swan Hotel in Piccadilly both recently adding to the quota.

The way things are going that is all York will consist of. The big stores have nearly all moved out of town, the farmers’ market has disappeared and it is already like a route march to find an actual shop.

In the small area of King’s Square alone there are two bars, three cafes and three bakery shops of various kinds, and that is not including the cafe in the chocolate museum.

Before long the publicity for York will simply have to say: “Come to York for something to eat, but don’t bother looking for shops.”

Mrs P Witlea, Bishopthorpe, York