PLANS for more flats in the new Hungate developments in the city centre are expected to get the go-ahead next week.

At a committee meeting next week, staff from the city council planning department are expected to recommend approval for the next phase of the major development.

The proposals were first made in July this year, and move away from an office development and instead propose around 300 more flats than originally planned for the scheme.

Developers are asking for final sign off on their plans for Blocks E and F of the development - which will include 186 and 101 flats respectively, ranging from one to three bedrooms - with a 240 sq m community centre on the ground floor of one of the blocks.

These detailed proposals also include the details of two new public open spaces - Friar's Quay and St John's Square which would provide the access for the new community centre.

The second part of the application includes "outline" plans for Blocks G and H which like the other buildings would be between five and seven storeys high and would house 32,000 sq m either of flats or older people's accommodation; and up to 1,600 sq m of commercial floorspace for shops, restaurants, offices, or leisure facilities like gyms or cinemas.

Planners are to urge councillors to back the scheme despite the reduction in office space. In their written report say: "The ambitions of the city to create high value jobs through providing Grade A office space are balanced against the needs to provide housing and decision have to be made in the context of the developer's aspirations for the site."

The report goes on to say that as the Hiscox office has "largely met the Council's aspirations for a major development in this part of the city" the change to residential is acceptable.

They also say that although the 240 sq m of community space is less than originally planned, it should be made up by a £100,000 payment to improve community space at the nearby Central Methodist Church.

Developers have also agreed to 17 percent affordable housing - either for discount sale or affordable rent.