A FATHER has slammed a York school after teachers put his son in detention for having a mohawk haircut.

Staff at Huntington School were unimpressed with Jordan Leetham's rule-defying hairstyle and have taken away his break and lunch time for a week.

This has upset Jordan, 15, and his dad, Paul, who both say the punishment is unjust.

They claim the teachers have told Jordan it will have an impact on his class work.

"I think it's absolutely pathetic," said Mr Leetham, a bus driver from Strensall.

"His hair is smart and when I was at school it had to be short. It's ridiculous and beyond me how this will affect his school work.

"When they told me Jordan was getting detention I went mad and told them it wouldn't be happening."

Mr Leetham says the incident shows how much the Huntington Road school had changed since he was a pupil there.

Jordan added: "There's girls wandering around school with make-up and lads in other years with short hair, but they are not being told off.

"The last few times I have had a 0.5 guard haircut and they haven't said anything.

"They said to me it would affect my education but I don't see how it would.

"They've got bigger things to worry about than my hair."

John Tomsett, headteacher, said: "When I first saw him he had a mohican hair cut which is extreme and breaks our school uniform rules."

"We have a rule, and I'm reading from the planner, which says: 'Exaggerated hairstyles are not acceptable. These include: shaved/very closely cut hair (shorter than a number two cut).'"