WORK is continuing on the demolition of Reynard's Garage in York.

Councillors voted to demolish the garage and former plane factory, in Piccadilly, back in September, despite pleas from the civic trust.

York Press:

Work continuing on Friday, with part of the northern gable end removed

The garage was built in the 1920s and has been derelict for some time, leading to warnings from council staff about the poor condition of the building.

York Press:

Demolition is being carried out by MGL Demolition for City of York Council.

York Press:

The view into the building from Piccadilly on Tuesday

Planners recommended the demolition of the Art Deco building, and said any damage to the historic character of the city caused by the demolition would be outweighed by a potential Southern Gateway project, which could see private rented apartments built in its place, and long term redevelopment of the area.

York Press:

This week, work has been done to remove the roof of the building - which was once the home of Neville Shute's Airspeed factory.

York Press:

The view from Dennis Street


York Press: The site at Reynards garage Piccadilly York due to be demolished.Pic : Nigel Holland (47139763)

The view from the junction of Piccadilly and Merchantgate on Tuesday

The demolition is expected to continue for several weeks.