A GENERATION of schoolchildren have been short-changed on the education funding they deserve, a York MP has claimed.

Julian Sturdy, member of parliament for York Outer, has slammed the way the Government's £390million of funding for schools has been implemented.

During a debate about the funding, Mr Sturdy questioned the fairness of some schools in London receiving block funding of more than £8,000 per pupil compared to £4,000 in York.

He said: "Schools in York receive less than half of the amount received by those London schools.

"York has dropped from being the 23rd worst-funded local authority in the country to the 7th—a situation that is simply manifestly unfair."

Mr Sturdy named Fulford School as one of the worst-funded schools in the local authority, despite its excellent GCSE and A-Level results.

Speaking during a debate this week, he said: "The school also receives a very low level of pupil premium funding, which, as honourable members will know, is calculated on the basis of deprivation and low achievement.

"The same factors are taken into account in the local authority’s funding formula, as dictated by national guidelines. That further compounds the problem, as some schools receive double funding for such criteria while others receive less.

"This also serves to reduce the resources available to schools such as Fulford, and has an impact on the materials that can be provided to pupils, as well as limiting the courses available to them."

Mr Sturdy went on to say the school's headteacher has expressed concerns that the best teachers could leave the school if funding problems persist, and the only fair way to achieve a good education for all pupils is by introducing a national funding formula.

Sam Gyimah, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Education, told campaigning ministers they are making good progress and urged them to continue their efforts to make sure the Government acts on their pledges.

He added: "I hope that what we have done so far and the fact that we are willing to listen show that, at last, we are not just talking, and that the Government are ready to act."