WITH a reputation as one of the leading cosmetic dentists in the UK, Andrea Ubhi is a two-time winner of Dentist of the Year, taking the title in 2005, and the Northern prize in 2013.

Ms Ubhi opened her first dental practice, Clock House Dental, in York in 1996. While running this practice she recognised the need for individually tailored treatment of patients who wanted to improve their smile and opened Andrea Ubhi Cosmetic Dentistry in 2002 to provide a practice dedicated to high quality cosmetic dentistry. She sold Clock House Dental in 2014 to focus on Andrea Ubhi Cosmetic Dentistry.

Andrea Ubhi Cosmetic Dentistry was originally based in Stonegate, however has recently moved to brand new surgery in Goodramgate, where Ms Ubhi has invested £600,000 converting a shop into a state-of-the-art dental practice including four surgeries, two waiting rooms, disabled access and latest technology including CT scanning.

Since it was established, Ms Ubhi has led the practice to become one of the leading providers of cosmetic dentistry in the North of England, winning numerous awards, most recently ‘Team of the Year North 2015’. Team members are also award winners in their own right and receive referrals from other dentists throughout Yorkshire and the North of England. It was named ‘Leading Provider of the Year 2014’ for QuickStraightTeeth and ‘Provider of the Year North UK 2014’ by Swiss manufacturer Straumann.

What job would you like to have other than your own and why?

"I am really lucky because I already have the perfect job. It combines my loves of art, creativity and beauty with well-being and healthcare and the satisfaction I get when people become more confident in themselves.

"I love business and the adrenaline and excitement associated with growth and being an entrepreneur, and although this can sometimes be challenging, one of the best things about it is working with a fantastic and responsive team who daily give their best and aspire to be better, making a real to the lives of our patients, and achieving more than they ever dreamed possible.

"Not only that, but I have the experience and resources to be able to work at ground level with a charity, Asha Nepal, which cares for your women rescued from sex trafficking in Nepal.

"I can't imagine another one in the whole world that could be more rewarding, fulfilling and more perfect for me."

Greatest achievement?

"There have been so many both personal and career-wise, however I think that the greatest is that my passion for the work that we produce continues to grow over the years. I just love the dentistry that we are creating, it’s astonishingly beautiful."

What makes you most angry?

"Sexism and generalisation. Don't tell me "all men are such and such" or "all women are like this or that". Generalisations cloud the truth. We are all individuals, good or bad, regardless of sex."

Biggest mistake?

"I don't believe in mistakes. I believe we make the best decisions with the current knowledge that we have, and that we are continually moving forward and learning and improving the decisions and actions as we move forwards.

"We cannot fear making "mistakes". This thinking holds us back and limits our potential and what we attempt in life. So what is my biggest lesson I have learned in life? To courageously follow my own heart."

What do you need to make life complete?

"My life is a journey. Today I am content but also striving. There lies completeness."

Why do you make a difference?

"The greatest difference we make as a team is this: we enable people to smile with confidence. We fully believe that this changes a person's life.

"I am excited that 20 years after graduation, I am more passionate about my field of work than ever before, we are moving forward with technology faster than ever, and the team I work with is the most highly experienced and dedicated team that I have ever had around me, and we are changing more people’s lives than ever, and the business is growing like never before.

"We believe more than we have ever believed that cosmetic dentistry makes a difference. This sets us apart."


"I really don't need or want an epitaph."