I WONDER if anyone can put my mind at rest over something I was told and find it almost impossible to believe.

We were having dinner with friends and got onto the subject of fox hunting. We had recalled a frightening incident that occurred a couple of years ago when some hounds, clearly having broken away from a pack, tore into our road, and caused distress to residents and some damage to the gardens.

Fortunately for local pets, none was outside when this occurred, because there certainly would have been carnage, as these dogs were out for blood and completely out of control. All of us expressed our relief that fox hunting, at least supposedly, is now illegal. One of the men then remarked that before a hunt was due to start, some people actually went over the route of the hunt, blocking up all fox holes along the way, thus ensuring that these unfortunate animals had nowhere to hide in their rush for survival. He also implied that although supposedly there is a ban in force, this is not strictly adhered to and this last horrific practice is still going on.

I found it difficult to sleep last night and kept picturing the plight of foxes who were fair game to one of the cruellest and cold-hearted so-called "sports" invented by people calling themselves human, without even a chance of evading their pursuers. Is it possible that this can be true? Perhaps, if my worst fears are confirmed, some doubters about the vileness and obscenity of fox hunting will realise just how low people can stoop in their quest for excitement, and utterly condemn it and its followers.

Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York.