A BAKERY in York is on the rise, as it moves into new premises on the Little Shambles.

The Bluebird Bakery was started in 2011, with founder Al Kippax baking bread at his home and delivering it by foot and bicycle around York. Throughout 2012 and 2013 the business grew, and Mr Kippax began to sell bread at several markets, shops, restaurants and pubs. Last year he moved into shared premises on Micklegate, but the business has quickly outgrown them.

Mr Kippax said: “We needed our own space, but we had a good customer base at Micklegate. I hope they follow us over.

“People want locally produced food now, and there has also been a ‘Bake-Off effect’ over the last few years, with more and more people interested in bread.”

The Bakery is a purveyor of traditionally baked long-fermented breads such as sourdough, with Mr Kippax originally being inspired by the Real Bread Campaign. “That’s what got me into baking,” he said. “We use long-fermentation recipes in all our breads.”

Going forward, The bakery plans to bake more pastries and sweet treats such as tarts from their bakery in Talbot Yard, Malton, where they also have a small shop.