THE mother of two teenagers is set to be reunited with them - after they moved to Canada 11 years ago.

Bridget Carlisle, 44, of Acomb, was devastated when her sons, Daniel and Darren - now 17 and 16 - moved from York to live with adoptive parents in Canada.

Miss Carlisle has not seen either of the boys since.

But, more than a decade after he last spoke to his mother, Daniel telephoned her - and said he wanted to go back and live with her.

Miss Carlisle said: "Daniel got in contact with me, and said he really wanted to come back and live with me. It was the first time I'd heard his voice in almost 11 years - it was a shock when I heard his Canadian accent at the other end of the phone. I still can't get over it now.

"He said he loved me, and was missing me. I'm feeling really excited - I've been waiting years and years thinking my sons were going to come back when they turned 18."

She said Daniel told her he was not having a good time in Canada, and that he wanted to go to university when he came back to England.

He hopes to return to live in York after his 18th birthday in July.

Miss Carlisle has also spoken to Darren on the telephone, who told her that he wanted to come home too.

"Darren was really quiet - he told me that he was shaking on the phone. He said he wasn't having a good time in Canada, and that he wanted to come home to me," she said.

She said Darren has been told he cannot go back to England until he turns 18. The boys were adopted because it was felt that it would be in their best interests.

"When the boys went to Canada, I felt crazy.

"How are you supposed to feel when you know your kids have been adopted by people living half way round the world? I felt angry, bitter - everything.

"I've had a baby girl since, who's now seven years old. She's so confused by the situation," said Miss Carlisle.

She said that until the two telephone conversations with her sons, the only contact she had had with them was by annual correspondence.