THE SMOOTH sound of a saxophone and unmistakable tune of a trumpet could soon be heard from homes across York - as a new project is launched to get more people into jazz.

York Jazz Initiative will go live in September when York Music Service expands to begin streaming lessons online and offering classes to anyone who is interested in finding out more about the genre.

The idea has grown out of the work already taking place in York and co-ordinated by the group's director, Ian Chalk.

He set up an ensemble of young jazz musicians four years ago from scratch and has seen them go from complete novices to accomplished performers.

Alison Goffin, director of York Music Service, said: "It's grown over the last four years and we have seen there's a need for a jazz education.

"I used to work in Doncaster and we have spoken to their jazz groups who are very supportive, but the idea is to have something much bigger in York.

"It's going to take it from the grass roots level of kids who want to play jazz to progressing into groups who will play around the city.

The group will be based at Canon Lee School, in Rawcliffe Road, however, many of their lessons will be online, delivered at school, or through e-books and the video messaging service Skype.

Mrs Goffin added: "It's going to be for everyone, whether it's little kids learning at school or adults who want to come back to it or have always wanted to play."

Mr Chalk added: "We're determined to make York a centre of excellence in the north of England for jazz education for young people and adults.

"Large ensembles, small groups, individual tuition, distance learning, workshops, attention to detail and passion for an important art form."