A YORK shop has gathered over 1000 signatures for a petition to keep the ban against fox hunting.

Last week a threat by Scottish National Party MPs to vote against government plans to relax the ban on fox hunting in England and Wales prompted a vote on reversing the laws to be postponed.

The news was welcomed by Lush in Coney Street, which had collected the vast amount of signatures in store.

The team was thanked by York MP Rachael Maskell, who told them she had received among the highest numbers of signatures.

A spokesperson for Lush in York, said: "We asked our customers to sign our petition and to use the hashtag #KeepTheBan to share their views, raise awareness and encouraged them to ask their local MPs to vote against the repeal and keep the Hunting Act enforced. We gathered more than 1000 signatures in our York shop alone; this indicates that 61 per cent of our customers signed our petition."