IN response to the Cutting Edge show shown on Channel 4 on April 16, I was appalled to see how urban foxes were victimised in certain London boroughs.

In one garden there was a person who was trying kill them at every opportunity. He went to such lengths to kill them; the final straw was to hire a professional marksman. It turned out the owner was keeping chickens.

Of course that's fine, but it meant he had visitors every evening resulting in his chickens being killed. Those who saw the programme would agree that the chickens would not have been killed if he'd kept them in a decent place and not such a flimsy Wendy-house-style shed.

But all wasn't lost. Most of the foxes were looked after by people.

We need to support our nature/wildlife because it's part of our national heritage.

So leave them alone!

Paul Baker, Rawcliffe Drive, Clifton Moor, York.