City fountain should be replaced

THE Parliament Street fountain proved a drawing attraction to miscreants who wished to use this to their own ends and should be replaced.

However, the open space should be retained with a gazebo-type roof construction with open sides, complete with a round seating design to prevent anyone being able to make a bed for the night.

It could have a central lamppost in keeping with those already there, adorned with seasonal flower arrangements.

That would complement the street scene and still retain space for a market.

Albeit the dogs may have a field day, while leaning on a lamppost.

The crowning glory could be a crown and white roses along with a plaque to commemorate Richard III’s reign and connection with the city of York.

Kenneth Bowker, Vesper Walk, Huntington, York


Use your loaf to solve this mystery

WE have heard of manna from heaven, but this is ridiculous.

After the storm on Thursday, July 2, I walked my dog along our farm track.

Nothing unusual about that, but next morning, walking him again I found a small brown loaf of bread.

Being about half-a-mile from any other farm, where had the loaf come from? It was wet and a pheasant or two had had a peck at it.

Had it been carried from some bird table by a buzzard or other large bird?

The hens enjoyed the spoils, but from whence it came is a mystery.

Pamela Z Frankland, Hill Road, Dunnington, York


Beware offers of dubious refunds

JUST recently I have received umpteen calls on my mobile phone, with persons male and female with a distinct foreign accent telling me they were from a major organisation and that I was due to receive a refund.

They required my bank details, so to make things easier the refund could be paid directly into my account.

They evidently were taking me to be wet behind the ears (which, when it comes to strangers wanting my bank details, I’m not).

When I asked how much the refund was they couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me.

When I asked how they had got my mobile phone number they couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me.

I have told them that I don’t need the money – a “porkie” because I do.

Yesterday I told the caller that any refund I had to come they had my permission to keep it and to pay it into their own bank account. Watch this space.

Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby


The dangers of summer barbecues

DURING the warm summer weather, it is as well to remind people of the dangers of using barbecues.

Cooking food to extremely high temperatures (as in barbecues), burning or charring food and drifting barbecue smoke have been found to produce carcinogens (causing cancers).

Barbecues are therefore believed to be responsible for the increased numbers of certain cancers (including stomach and bowel cancers).

It is therefore surprising that they are still being sold in this country.

Alexander Ogilvy, Lindsey Avenue, Acomb, York


Pest-control vote is just a ruse

THE Prime Minster has failed to gather support to scrap the controversial hunting ban within his own party, a sign of progress.

However, there may still be a vote to amend the ban to allow an unlimited number of hounds to be used for “pest-control purposes” where currently there is a limit of two.

This sport of the elite within our society is exactly that: a sport. It is not “pest-control” and it is vital that York as a city stands in support of the hunting ban and urges further restriction on blood sports.

Hunting foxes or any animal with hounds is nothing but a cruel pastime. Seeing animals chased to the point of exhaustion and then ripped apart surely cannot provide entertainment, or leisure, to any civilised person.

I am therefore putting out an appeal to everyone. Please contact your MP, especially if you live in York Outer constituency, to stop this amendment from passing through the Commons chambers quietly.

Stuart Maule, Heath Croft, York


Germany needs to be brought into line

AT the moment the European Union, not unsurprisingly, is like a wonky fence, one gust and down it falls.

Greece as a nation to their credit through a democratic referendum has proverbially put up two fingers to Germany, France, plus the unelected all powerful Commissioners in Brussels.

Now is the time for our Prime Minister in renegotiation with Europe to dig in deep. We hold all the ace cards.

Tell France, practically bankrupt but desperately clinging to the skirts of Germany, to shut up.

When they become a net contributor they can have a major say. In the meantime, Germany needs to be brought into line.

European unity is not to be achieved by one country dictating to the rest, unless of course your ambition is overall control via subterfuge and fiscal strength.

Peter Rickaby, West Park, Selby