A FLEET of electric buses are still undergoing checks after one burst into flames when it was parked at a bus stop.

Optare's remaining 11 eco-friendly vehicles were taken off the streets by operator First York following a fire in Stonebow on Thursday.

The number nine service had broken down opposite Pryers Solicitors when the engine erupted into flames - closing the road for two hours.

The company had initially hoped to get buses back into service early this week after carrying out additional safety checks.

However, a date for their return has still not been set.

A spokesman for First York said: "The other eleven electric buses are still undergoing precautionary checks. So far this work has not raised any concerns but safety is our priority and we want to be absolutely thorough during this process.

"We expect to have the electric vehicles in service over the course of this week.

"Our team are working hard in providing a full service for our customers and we look forward to re-introducing these electric vehicles for our customers shortly."