THERE are no plans to close libraries in York, a council meeting heard.

Concerns had been raised that plans for the library in Huntington to develop a health and wellbeing hub in partnership with a GP surgery, could be an indication that the library may eventually close.

At a meeting of City of York Council's Learning and Culture Policy and Scrutiny Committee on Monday, Fiona Williams, chief executive of Explore York Libraries and Archives, said more than 8,000 people had joined libraries in the city in the first five months of 2015, with more than 2,200 children attending under-fives story time, and more than 150 volunteers working at venues around the city.

Cllr Peter Dew said: "Can we be assured that there will be no library closures? Huntington is going in with the GP next door, and there's the opening at the Community Stadium. We would have pressure from the residents if any existing libraries were to close."

Ms Williams said: "I can categorically say we will not be closing any libraries. The Huntington one is so important to keep open as well as the Community Stadium, as they have different things to offer."

Ms Williams said action had also been taken to address problems with antisocial behaviour outside York Explore, with threatening behaviour, drug taking and violence reported since the library reopened.

Ms Williams said the library had been working closely with organisations including the Museum Trust, local PCSOs and the antisocial behaviour team, and were "very much in the loop", and sharing intelligence with police about problems, and staff are also expected to receive training from local drug organisations, on how to identify and deal with addicts safely.

She said: "As well as banning people, which we are loathe to do, we're trying to engage with people and give them another way.

"The police have been wonderful, we've had plain clothed policemen and PCSOs looking around, and we've put in extra cameras and we're logging every incident going to the police."