FOOTAGE of a cyclist crashing into the back of a parked car has proved an internet sensation.

Edward Barlow, 23 and from York, was on his first driving lesson when he was hit from behind by the cyclist, who suffered only a minor injury and was able to ride away afterwards.

The incident was captured on an in-car camera, and since Edward posted it on facebook on Wednesday then teamed up with distributor Viralhog, it has been viewed nearly 3 million times, including tens of thosuands on the firm's YouTube version below:

Edward, who used to live in Skelton but now lives in Liverpool, told The Press today: "I was just sat there chatting to my instructor about how the lesson was going, and as far as I'm aware the cyclist was concentrating on the road. He was okay - he had a bit of a cut lip but he cycled away afterwards."

Edward said he initially thought he had done something wrong with the gears, because he heard a bang and the car jolted.

He posted the video to show his friends, and within a day it had 30,000 views.

He said: "I was waiting for it to tail off then I woke up next morning and it had 500,000 views."

He said the incident, which happened near Sefton Park in Liverpool, had not deterred him from continuing his driving course - but said: "The second lesson has a lot to live up to!"