A YORK charity is celebrating after raising £150,000 in year to fund a vital service for the city.

Last year York Against Cancer appealed for help in funding a new bus to continue to provide free transport for cancer patients to travel to St. James’ hospital in Leeds to receive radiotherapy treatment.

Within a year they have raised the money, notably in thanks to the support of this year's Lord Mayor, Cllr Ian Gillies, who chose York Against Cancer as one of his charities for the year.

The Lord Mayor's campaigning funded the minibus and many other fundraisers in the city raised enough to keep the bus going for at least seven years.

Julie Russell, YAC general manager, said: “We’ve had a mini bus before but it was old and we needed a new one, so we appealed to the council and Cllr Ian Gillies helped us raise the money for it.

“A large number of businesses and locals have really supported our appeal. I am so grateful. It’s fantastic that the people of York have supported and valued our service.

“I think having run the service for the last ten years; York Against Cancer has really influenced many people in our community, which is fantastic.

“I’d just like to thank everyone who has supported the appeal of the mini bus, whether they made a big donation or a small donation. It’s fantastic to see that the York community are so willing to support their local charity.”

Cllr Gillies said: "We started off with the intention of contributing towards it. To buy the bus outright is beyond my wildest dreams. I'm delighted we have been able to provide the bus for the use of people in the York area."

York Against Cancer is a charity which started in 1987 that is striving to provide and improve support for those who have cancer. They raise the funds to help provide financial and educational means for cancer patients to live a normal life. Since the charity is on a small, local scale, they can attend to every patient efficiently.