A FILM about the extraordinary relationship of two best friends has begun shooting in York.

Scott and Sid is the true story of two people who journey from high school drop outs to film producers, chasing their dreams, challenging society's expectations and beating all the odds along the way.

Based on a true story drawn from the lives of the writer-producer-director team - Scott Elliot and Sid Sadowskyj - it is a film about the themes of hope, ambition and success, set to inspire fellow dream chasers everywhere.

Scott is a shambolic dreamer, intent on carving out his own path in life and holding up a metaphorical middle finger to anyone who tries to stop him.

Sid, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to be liked. An unconfident, awkward recluse through circumstance, Sid's impoverished and dysfunctional background leave him no time for friends and no money for hobbies until he meets Scott.

The pair are the film's executive producers, who grew up in Bradford and have written the script, which follows their life through school and into creating their own company.

Lauren Dove, production co-ordinator, said: "Scott and Sid have family in York and have travelled around the world but know how beautiful York is.

"It's obviously gorgeous and they want to bring the city to the forefront as a film destination."

A spokeswoman for the independent film said: "The film features a talented ensemble cast and will shoot in and around York and Yorkshire this summer, showcasing many of the city's iconic features.

"Residents and fond tourists alike will recognise many of York's hidden gems and secret sights, as well as its more famous views when the film comes to the big screen.

"In addition to the seven weeks in the walled city, the cast and crew will also venture to London and New York to complete principal photography.

"With a killer script filled with comedy, emotion and a strong positive message, the team believe Scott and Sid has the potential to become an indie classic, inspiring a new generation to chase their dreams."

Anyone who would like to be an extra in the film between now and June 7 should email scottandsidfilm@gmail.com