A FARMERS’ market in York city centre has lost 26 stalls since it was moved to a revamped location.

Angry customers have contacted The Press to claim the number of traders now found selling their produce in the Shambles Market has dwindled from a maximum of 40 stalls to as few as 14 since it re-located from Parliament Street, in March.

The market is held on the last Friday of the month, but those using it have registered their disgust at how it has deteriorated.

John Piercy, of Huby, York, wrote to The Press: “Shambles is now the home of the farmers’ market, to the disgust of the few remaining stallholders.

“If this decision is not reversed, there will be no farmers’ market in York in three months times as stallholders’ takings have fallen 30 per cent to 60 per cent since being moved from public view.

“We are told selling produce from local farmers cannot be allowed in Parliament Street in future, but we understand that it will be okay for stallholders from any part of Britain to come and sell their produce there at the St Nicholas Fair.”

“The number of stallholders fluctuates but there was 14 at April’s market after previously entertaining 40 traders in the past.”

Shambles market, formerly known as Newgate Market, reopened at the end of March after a £1.6 million refurbishment over the course of eight months.

Traders had been moved to the market’s traditional home in Parliament Street during the overhaul.

In a letter to The Press, Mrs Ramming-Robinson was also left angered at the new market’s location.

She said: “The many and varied stalls often encouraged me to spend more than I intended, but carrying the bags full of goodies home and enjoying the food over the space of a month made me look forward to the next farmers’ market.

“Why is the farmers’ market not in its usual place and at its usual size?

“I cannot believe that the small businesses who attended the market in the previous years, month after month, have lost interest, these markets were well attended.

“As a customer of the farmers’ market I want to see it back to its former glory with many and varied stalls as it was before.”

Steve Shooter, the interim markets manager at City of York Council, told The Press: “We’re keen to listen to all views and opinions in respect to markets in York and look carefully at how we can make improvements.”