THERE is no confusion in Scarborough over whether to vote red, blue, yellow or any other political hue – all choices are black and white.

At least they are at Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary, where an election is being held with the centre’s Humboldt penguins.

Six of the resident seabirds have been renamed David “Clumsy” Cameron, Ed “Muttley” Miliband, Nick “Calimero” Clegg, Nicola “Skipper” Sturgeon, Nigel “Nestor” Farage and Natalie “Boo Boo” Bennett, and have had their numbered ID tags switched to appropriate party colours.

Manager Richard Dilly said: “It’s all just a bit of fun, although given the lack of any clear favourites for the next Government, maybe a penguin for PM is not such a crazy notion.

“Politicians could learn a lot from these highly social birds, who each have their own distinct nuances and personalities and yet who get along together famously. They value community and family, invest heavily in nest-eggs for a secure future, and care about their environment – especially clean water to swim in and healthy fish-stocks.”

Visitors to the centre are invited to cast their vote by Tuesday, May 5. The winner will receive a personalised nest box with the number 10 fitted above their nest box door.