RAILINGS have been installed close to where it is believed a York student fell into a freezing River Ouse and died.

Three barriers were put in place this week close to York City Rowing Club's boathouse next to Lendal Bridge.

They are are the latest in a raft of measures to be seen in York, following the fitting of 65 eye-catching lifebelts with 30 metre floating ropes last year.

Three people have died in York's rivers since January 2014 including York St John student Megan Roberts, 20, who drowned in the River Ouse when she disappeared after a night out with friends in the city centre.

Her death at the beginning of last year was followed by the deaths of 22-year-old Ben Clarkson last March in the River Foss and 18-year-old soldier Tyler Pearson in the River Ouse, on April 3.

The railings were installed by City of York Council which has worked to promote river safety for the last decade.

Cllr Tracy Simpson-Laing, who unveiled the Esplanade barriers yesterday, said: "What we are doing is making sure there are safety measures there to hopefully save lives.

"In the time it takes to get to the person in the water, they have only a minute to get out.

"If we can continue our safety and preventative measures, hopefully people can use the river for what it is.

"People need to enjoy the city centre responsibly and with things like this we are minimising risks.

"The river may look calm but it is the current underneath which gets you."

The council has used The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents' (RoSPA) report to enhance measures around the riverside after it revealed there were multiple slip and trip dangers near the rivers, and the chances of self-rescue were slim.

The RoSPA report gave expert advice for further improvements including physical measures, education and campaigns.

Alongside the railings, fencing at Blue Bridge has been improved and extended, while riverside steps and viewing platforms have been repaired.

The authority has also pruned trees to open up sight lines and approached owners of riverside land to adopt similar safety standards.

Cllr Simpson-Laing added: "We always have to review things and this will hopefully help, but we will keep an eye on it.

"I have a 14-year-old daughter and want everyone to be safe."

Other recommended work completed so far includes bespoke information on location and use of GPS to allow more accurate recording of incidents and the ability to direct rescue services more accurately.