A NOTORIOUS street drinker has successfully defeated a court bid to have her banned from her native York because she refuses to stop being a nuisance.

Homeless Karen Bulmer, 47, has spent years making frequent appearances before magistrates courts in York and Leeds for her objectionable drunken behaviour that includes baring her bottom in public, urinating in a café and being aggressive towards staff and police.

She is currently serving a ten-week prison sentence after admitting the latest of many breaches of an antisocial behaviour order (ASBO) aimed at protecting the public.

North Yorkshire Police with the Crown Prosecution Service applied for the successor to ASBOs, a criminal behaviour order (CBO), to be made, with conditions including banning Bulmer from York. She opposed the order at York Magistrates Court through solicitor Craig Robertson. District judge Adrian Lower threw the application out saying there was no point in making the order as Bulmer had shown many times that the ASBO did not act as a deterrent, so it was unlikely any other order would improve her behaviour.

The judge said: “The sad fact is Karen Bulmer will change her ways when she wants to change her ways.

“There is little anyone can do to stop her from behaving in the way she has behaved,” he said.

He warned Bulmer that she was still subject to the ASBO until 2017 and that she could be arrested if she broke the law by being drunk or disorderly or for any other drunken behaviour.

The law allowing ASBOs has been replaced by the law allowing CBOs. The new law says that CBOs can only be made if they will help prevent someone from behaving in an antisocial way.