MANY Fishergate residents will be as surprised as I was when their local Green councillors voted through a Labour budget which included swingeing cuts to public services in the city.

The only concession they seem to have gained is the promise of a ‘free’ bus service from the station to the hospital.

Many passengers joining the service at the station will either already have paid for a ‘through’ bus ticket or will be concessionary pass-holders who are entitled to free travel.

The major beneficiaries are likely to be non-residents, visiting the city by rail. The new bus service will be paid for by a 10p an hour increase in parking charges – a tax on York residents.

I could have understood the new Labour-Green council coalition a little more if the latter had challenged the plans to introduce universal green bin emptying charges or, at least, sought reductions in Respark charges for low emission vehicles.

But no, it seems that it is now a case of: vote Green, get Labour policies.

C Kingsbury, Fishergate ward, Liberal Democrat council election candidate