A WOMAN told York Crown Court that a man looked like he had “just won the lottery” the day after he had raped her.

The young woman said John Kevin O’Neil, who had been a friend, was the happiest she had ever seen him following the alleged attack. “He was elated,” she said. “He was so pleased with himself.”

Under cross examination, she said the assault had happened last July after O’Neil had come to her house and, during a long conversation, told her he had raped, tortured and killed women.

She said he had suddenly changed from a friend and confidante to someone who was “like a monster,” and she could see “pure anger and hate in his eyes”.

She said he carried her upstairs to her bedroom and denied suggestions by O’Neil’s barrister, Julian Goode, that she was kissing him while this was happening. She also denied they had earlier cuddled and the sex which took place on her bed was consensual.

She said that a couple of hours after the alleged attack, she had got back into the bed with O’Neil when he was sleeping and she had continued to chat to him on Facebook for weeks after the incident, up until the day before she finally contacted police to complain he had raped her.

She said she had not complained to police straight after the incident for a number of reasons. She had felt compassion towards O’Neil and wanted to help him, and had been in shock, and was embarrassed and scared.

The woman said she eventually told police after confiding in her ex-boyfriend. “I was absolutely distraught,” she said.

A community psychiatric nurse at Bootham Park Hospital, Kevin Holmes, said O’Neil had been sent to see him by a GP and had told him how he had a sexually violent past and had persistent sexually violent thoughts, although he was able to detach himself from those thoughts.

O’Neil also said he was dangerous, and it was “only a matter of time before something bad happens,” although he was “not planning anything”.

O’Neil, 44, of no fixed address, denies rape.

The trial continues.