"NOT dead but resting" - that's the message as York's psychic museum closes its doors.

Back in 2003, one of Britain's top astrologers, Jonathan Cainer, set up the Psychic Museum, in Stonegate, but he now says it will be closing its doors in 2007.

Mr Cainer told The Press that he does not have enough time to commit to the project this year and so he has handed over the lease, with the intention of making a return in 2008.

He said: "If you are asking me for predictions when exactly it will open up again, then it is hard to say.

"Although I'm in the prediction business, I don't believe you can make predictions about things you are close to."

Mr Cainer said the museum was only seeing 100 people a week through its doors during peak times and, when he reopens, he would like to see that figure at around 100 a day.

On the museum's website, Mr Crainer said that after numerous attempts to make the museum work as he had always envisaged it, he had reluctantly reached the conclusion that it was never going to happen until he can dedicate more of his own time and energy.

He said: "Though many people have kindly said they have enjoyed their visits to the museum, it has failed to consistently match my idea of how it needs to be... and I would rather be offering no experience than one that I cannot be completely proud of. This, I must stress, is by no means the fault of the many wonderful people who have put their time and effort into the museum over the past few years. I am grateful to all of them and I sincerely hope that eventually, all our labours will bear fruit."

In 2005, The Press reported that famous cutlery bender Uri Geller was given a guided tour of The Psychic Museum.

During 2007 at least, the building will no longer be a museum, but will gain a new lease of life as an internet resource.

It will reopen, for the 2007 tourist season, under the auspices of an entirely different company, Fright Nights, which is leasing the premises and will be using them to host their own brand of Ghost Night Experiences.