DOG walkers who don’t clear up after their pets should be named and shamed to deter other offenders, a York man has said.

Ian Hudson, of Stockton-on-the-Forest, has got so sick of dog dirt being left in the lane near his home that he’s taken matters into his own hands and posted signs telling pet owners to clean up after their animals.

Ian said he is seeing more and more pet owners leave dog mess behind after walking on the public footpaths around the village, and wants to see the people responsible reported for their behaviour.

He said: “I want people all over York – not just in Stockton-on-the-Forest – to report people who they witness not cleaning up after their pets.

“Maybe if there were some prosecutions, and some people appeared in the Press, it would put other people off.”

The lane near his house has become so blighted by the problem that Ian has gone to the trouble of posting signs warning dog walkers of the consequences if they do not pick up their pet’s mess.

He said: “The council gave me some signs warning of £1,000 for not clearing up dog dirt, and I’ve put posts up on the path to attach the signs to.

“They were pulled off and thrown away three times in the first few weeks, but now they are held on with three inch screws.

“It’s revolting, it’s disgusting when people don’t pick up dog mess.

“I saw, on Christmas afternoon, a woman having to clean dog mess off her little girl’s scooter.

“She was outside my house wiping the scooter clean on the grass, and checking her own shoes and the little girl’s.”

City of York Council has the power to give out fixed penalty notices to people seen not clearing up dog mess, or can prosecute people with fines as high at £1,000.

Anyone who sees a dog fouling with the owner not picking it up should report the incident with details of date, time, location, a description of the dog and owner and, if possible, an address for the owner, by ringing the council on 01904 551550.