IT SEEMS that a Tory candidate may be re-elected in Malton/Thirsk simply because many voters are hunt supporters and hope that a Tory government would repeal the anti-hunting laws.

I can almost guarantee such a repeal will not occur.

Even with an overall Tory majority, David Cameron has moved so far to the “left” that hunting matters could not be further from his mind. Further still, were he to be involved in a wheeling-dealing coalition.

A matter which will occupy government time is a Bill of Rights. This sounds very laudable to the gullible, which category appears to include Kevin Hollinrake, the Tory representative, and his camp followers.

When voters surrender their vote on a single issue such as hunting, that vote implies consent to the whole manifesto “package” for the next five years, with no opt-outs. Why is that important? It depends on what is in the rest of the package.

The Tories have declared in their document Protecting Human Rights In The UK that there is nothing wrong in the European Convention.

When one examines the section on Qualified Rights alone it reads like something out of the Marxist “Communist Manifesto” because every possible exercise of personal liberty may be prohibited by the government they support.

Martin Cruttwell, Prospective Independent Candidate for Malton/Thirsk, Scrayingham.