WHEN Claire Bebb's twin daughters were born 15 weeks prematurely, they each weighed less than a bag of sugar.

The girls were so tiny they were left fighting for their lives and a doctor warned they might not survive.

But 14 months on, little Hattie and Maisy are healthy and well - and mum Claire, 38, is to run the Yorkshire Marathon to thank the medics for all their help.

After her waters broke at 25 weeks, Claire had been rushed from her home in Strensall to receive specialist treatment in Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Complications with the umbilical cord meant she had an emergency caesarean section and Maisy and Hattie were born weighing just 1.6lbs and 1.8lbs.

Claire said: " I was told by the consultant they had a 50/50 chance of survival and the next 24 hours were crucial.

"They were absolutely tiny , you just couldn't believe how tiny they were."

It was an anxious wait for Claire and her husband Richard who watched as their daughters gradually grew stronger.

They said they are incredibly grateful for the support given to them by the neonatal unit in Bradford and the life saving treatment given to Hattie and Maisy.

After nine-and-a-half weeks the twins were transferred to York Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) for to further weeks specialist care.

Claire said about the two hospital units: "Without the specialist care they received they would not be here today. I can't put into words how grateful we are.

"They saved their lives at the end of the day. It means the world. They would not be here otherwise."

The twins are healthy and well but have had some medical problems associated with prematurity including breathing difficulties, which are expected to improve with age, and both had to have laser eye surgery for retinopathy of prematurity.

Claire has signed up to October's marathon in York to raise money for the special care baby units in Bradford and York, in thanks for all the help they have given her family.

To sponsor her, go to https://www.justgiving.com/Claire-Bebb/