A COUNCIL has revealed it cannot clear growing piles of rubbish from verges alongside sections of the A64 without the road being closed - because it's too dangerous for workers.

The health and safety concerns emerged after York motorist Sam Beattie blasted the ‘appalling impression’ given to tourists heading to York by litter louts and fly-tippers, particularly along a stretch of the dual carriageway near Tadcaster.

"It's a totally unacceptable eyesore to inflict on residents, whose taxes are being paid to contractors and councils to keep it clean, who clearly haven't touched it in months or even years," he said.

Mr Beattie said he had taken photos and videos to show the scale of the 'linear rubbish tips' problem, which was particularly bad near Tadcaster.

"There's a stretch of two to three miles of solid roadside rubbish, with fly-tipping and litter literally piling up in most laybys," he claimed.

Mr Beattie said he had complained three weeks ago about the problem to Selby District Council, which was responsible for clearing away such rubbish, but had been told that due to health and safety concerns, litter could only be picked on some sections when a lane was closed.

"The council agreed that it fell below their expected standards, but three weeks later it is still filthy," he added.

A council spokeswoman said the authority was aware that this area of the district was particularly vulnerable to fly-tipping and the inconsiderate disposal of waste by motorists passing through.

"Like other councils, we are restricted as to when litter can be picked next to major highways for safety reasons," she said.

"However when road works in these areas are scheduled to take place we do take the opportunity to clean up these verges."

She said the areas highlighted had been visited last week, and arrangements made for a litter pick of laybys and other accessible areas to take place in the very near future. "However there are sections of the A64 that we cannot access without a road closure in place."

She urged the public to report anyone or any vehicle they saw disposing of waste illegally via the website www.selby.gov.uk, by calling 01757 705101 or emailing info@selby.gov.uk.

Videos showing rubbish along the verges of the A64: