TODAY, most of us in this country can afford to satisfy our taste buds and indulge in eating food which gives us pleasure.

There is nothing immoral in that, provided that the food we eat has been produced in a humane way. But sometimes we are not fully aware of how the food is produced.

Foie gras is "fatty liver" from ducks and geese. These animals are closely confined for several weeks and force-fed increasing amounts of food, up to 450g per day for ducks and 1,200g per day for geese.

Force-feeding is done by restraining the birds, forcing a tube or pipe down their throats, and then pushing grain into the bird through the tube.

The result? A liver about ten times the size of a bird fed normally. The mechanism of force-feeding can cause many problems, as can the enlargement of the liver.

Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland and other European countries have specific legislation prohibiting force-feeding.

Despite its luxury image, foie gras is cruelly produced. If you see it served in a restaurant or sold in a shop, why not tell them of your concerns?

David Boultwood, Alma Court, York.