I HAVE to say how angry I was with Heather Causnett’s letter in The Press of December 24.

I am one of the people she calls “fatties”, but I can assure her I am not “someone whose huge appetite has taken over from common sense” or someone who lives a “destructive, unattractive and unhealthy lifestyle”.

My weight problem stems from two things, neither of which are under my control.

I am permanently on steroids for a long-term health condition, and if I do not continue taking them there is a possibility I will go blind.

One of the well known side-effects of taking steroids is weight gain, so what does she suggest I should do – stop taking steroids and risk losing my sight?

Secondly, I have been disabled since childhood, which has got worse over the past few years and indeed out of the house I am mostly in a wheelchair, so I find it difficult to exercise. Because of both of these, it is almost impossible to lose weight, but my GP assures me I am doing well not to put on any more weight.

I think Heather needs to be less judgemental and consider why people are overweight, rather than prejudging them and assuming she knows the cause. She upset me by being so judgemental.

I wonder how many other people look at me and think the same. It really does not do a lot for your self-esteem.

Gill Thompson, Skiddaw, York.