IN ALL the furore about the Lendal Bridge scheme, it’s easy to forget that the idea was a sound one supported by evidence from a trial period.

The impact on congestion in the city was mainly positive. The scheme wasn’t pulled because it didn’t work.

Congestion in the city remains a major stumbling block to York’s social and economic development. That’s why we still need ideas to confront the problem and challenge a perception of some in the business community that the city lacks effective transport infrastructure.

This is why the Labour council set up the Congestion Commission to offer effective consultation on improving congestion. They invited other parties to join the commission back in August.

Although the Green Party accepted Labour’s invitation, neither Liberal Democrat nor Conservative councillors have yet replied. They have preferred to sit on the sidelines, criticise and offer no initiatives for improving transport in York – a reflection of their offering across every major policy area since 2011.

York will progress under a Labour council improving the city’s transport. The question is, do the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives want to join the ride or be stuck in the traffic? The invitation is still open.

Tim Newcome, Tadcaster Road, York.