I NOTE that you have had several letters regarding rubbish collections, or should I say collections which are rubbish.

I experienced this rubbish service and feel justified in complaining, although I also note in your Letters page that Paul Hepworth asks us to refrain from councillor bashing. After my experience, who else can I blame?

On Monday morning last week, I was in work and was told that grey bins were to be collected at the same time as the recycling; I had only put out recycling as I had not received a leaflet telling me otherwise.

At this point I didn’t have the new listing, which had apparently been issued, but not to my house.

I was able to get hold of a neighbour to put out my grey bin, but it led me to wonder how many others had been left with only the old listing to follow and would therefore be overrun with rubbish over Christmas.

Considering my council tax is paid on time, why then cannot the council make sure these leaflets are also delivered on time?

Sylvia Dunn, Rutland Close, Copmanthorpe, York.