IT’S good to see that pantomime season is in full swing in York and the lights are on (The Press, December 19).

The police are handing out lights to cyclists. Next page two large articles, one about how difficult it is for the police to maintain the services they provide and another about how hard it is for the council to decide where to cut its services because of the government cutbacks.

May I offer a possible alternative?

The council should stop spending ratepayers’ money on cyclists who are breaking the law and the police should prosecute cyclists who put themselves and others in danger by cycling in dark clothing without lights.

Car drivers do not get their vehicles equipped by the council. What next? A burglar caught with a 50-inch TV gets it swapped by the police from council funds because his family don’t have one at home.

Ridiculous counterpoint? Not from here.

Neil Turner, Millfield Close, Wilberfoss, York.