I HAVE been forwarded a copy of the photograph which appeared in the October 9 edition of The Press which featured Burnholme’s School’s soccer team.

While I was not a member of the team, I do recognise the two staff members and many of the team who were members of our class at that time.

The word is spreading as I have contacted another ex-Burnholme pupil who now lives in Australia and hope that he can throw some light on the team members.

I have sent an email to Mike Meillam (via his daughter), who is a year younger than me so we will see what happens.

For the record we have a lot of expat Yorkshire people living in and around our small rural town of Waiuku, where we organise Yorkshire Day each year (120 attended this year’s celebration which includes a Skype link with the town or city hosting the civic function).

Strangely enough there are three people living here who attended and one who has a relative who attended Shipton Street School in York which is now closed.

R.D. Bird, Waiuku, New Zealand.