I AM pleased that following a Liberal Democrat motion plans will be put in place to refund all Lendal Bridge fines (The Press, December 18).

Repayment of all 55,000 fines is long overdue. We first formally called for it back in July when Labour announced that only those who applied online would get their money back.

This was an unjust decision which I am pleased that Labour has been forced to overturn.

It was unjust because the trial was not a legitimate project managed by council officers, but a political muddle mismanaged by the Labour Cabinet.

This muddle ensured that the scheme made national headlines and deep reputational damage was done to our city. The only way to begin to repair this damage is to refund all the motorists caught out.

The Labour cabinet member for transport now needs to ensure that officers quickly put in place a robust system to make this happen. Further delays and legal arguments can not be tolerated.

York needs to move on and put right the mistakes made over Lendal Bridge.

Cllr Ann Reid, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Transport, Grassholme, Woodthorpe, York.