IN HIS letter of December 24, Conservative Councillor Joe Watt said that “immigration is no threat to the green belt”.

Had he been more attentive at the December 17 Local Plan Working Group meeting, he would have heard the independent planning consultant from ARUP answer the questions I put to him on population projections for York to 2037.

The consultant admitted that three-quarters of the projected increase was down to “international inward migration” and hence three-quarters of proposed housing development is to meet that demand.

I find CYC’s Local Plan proposals for what remains of this historic city truly shocking.

I will take every opportunity to highlight the relationship between inflated economic growth, immigration and over-development of York and the surrounding green belt.

Had the Conservation Government acted on its 2010 manifesto pledge to bring immigration down to the tens of thousands instead of maintaining the last Labour Government’s open-door policy and presiding over an increase, then perhaps York and the country in general would not be drawing up plans to concrete over the countryside against the wishes and best interests of the existing populace.

Cllr Mark Warters, Independent Councillor for Osbaldwick ward, Osbaldwick, York.