YORK Outer Julian Sturdy has added his voice to opposition to plans for a House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) in Huntington.

A planning application was submitted in early November to convert a semi-detached family home at 550 Huntington Road into a five bedroomed HMO for working professionals.

A similar application for that house and the attached 548 Huntington Road was made in September and later withdrawn after widespread opposition in the local area.

Now the MP has echoed concerns for residents about parking and congestion in the area.

He said: "There are many reasons why this development is inappropriate. The property is located between two schools, and the lack of parking outside the property means more vehicles would probably have to be parked on the pavements. With the site also in the close vicinity of a bus stop, it clearly presents a danger to school children. I am also concerned by the loss of family accommodation, which is a worrying trend across York."

Some residents are concerned that if this application is successful, then the development of 448 Huntington Road would follow shortly after, he added.

"I do not object to HMOs in principle, but their location and impact on the local community must be very carefully considered."