MOST of us have probably been overindulging a bit on the turkey, mince pies and sherry over the last few days.

But spare a thought for those for whom such an indulgence is little more than a dream.

Kidney patients at York Hospital can spend up to four hours a day, four days a week attached to a dialysis machine.

It keeps them alive – but it is hardly most people’s idea of a fun way to spend the festive season.

Now, with the support of York’s Lord Mayor Ian Gillies, hospital bosses are hoping to buy a new ‘self-care’ dialysis machine, which will mean patients can dialyse when it suits them.

Such machines can really help patients regain a measure of control over their lives – one which most of us take for granted.

Cllr Gillies is supporting two charities this year: York Hospital’s Trust and York Against Cancer.

Already, through a series of successful events, he and his wife Pat, the Lady Mayoress, have raised about £13,000. With many more events planned, that figure will rise considerably before the end of their year in office.

The charitable role of the Lord Mayor of York is one that is often overlooked. But it is hugely important, highlighting the great work that local charities do, and providing them with a significant cash boost at the same time.

Cllr Gillies and his wife have carried on that tradition with real enthusiasm – even visiting patients in the hospital’s renal unit. So if you want to give something back to York, why not get involved with one of their fundraising events over the next few months? You can be sure the money will go to a really worthwhile cause.