TORTURE has been in the news, but, sadly, this is nothing new – not only in war, but we read regularly of burglars torturing and terrorising bank staff, shop owners, jewellers and residents to name a few.

In war, “man’s inhumanity to man” knows no bounds, since time immemorial. Remember at this time of year Herod’s desperate attempt to murder Jesus Christ. Later came the torture of Jesus on the cross.

The Romans committed terrible atrocities upon fellow citizens, gouging eyes out and letting lions tear people asunder.

Whether the USA tortured men by sleep deprivation, withholding of food and water, water-boarding and whether the British Government knew or not is beside the point.

The tragic happenings will continue to occur. We all of a certain age remember Odette Churchill and all other spies had their teeth pulled out, and fingernails likewise, and too many vile tortures to relate. Will it always be like this? I think so, although it is too horrible to contemplate.

Pamela Frankland, Hull Road, Dunnington.