LOST photographs of York are being given a new lease of life thanks to an enthusiast's novel online project.

Martin Snelling collects old 35mm film slides and publishes the pictures on the internet, in the hope of sparking memories and even tracing the people in the pictures or the photographers.

His collection includes these captivating photographs of York, all believed to be from around 1968. Martin now hopes readers of The Press can help him find the people in the posed photographs, which were included with the York slides in a batch he recently bought.

Martin, an amateur photographer who lives in Hampshire, said: "I've held a long-time fascination with other people's memories and stories contained within a single frame and my project is to share this with others and hopefully create new stories along the way.

"Some of the 'York' slides are of a couple of small children who would now be in their late 40s or early 50s. Two of the photos were taken at Christmas. I'd love to reunite or make contact with the people in the photos and so I thought to reach out to The Press to see if this was of interest to you."

He calls his project View From This Side, and has around 2,000 slides so far, dating back to the 1940s. He recently managed to trace someone in some 1950s photos taken in Japan, thanks to a name written on some slides. He hopes eventually to display the slides in a gallery, adding: "There's something magical about the whirring and clicking of a slide projector."

If anyone recognises the people in the pictures, they can email martin@viewfromthisside.com or email gavin.aitchison@thepress.co.uk to be put in touch.

For more of Martin's photos, visit www.viewfromthisside.com or www.flickr.com/photos/leftofnever